Documents in English

  • Texts on the development and state of the international Mother Center Movement
  • Mothers Centers Around the World describes the spreading of the Mothers Centers Movement into over 20 countries world-wide.
  • This text sums up the role we played as researchers to initiate and sustain the Mother Center movement.
  • Introduction to the International MC Story is the introduction to the book that is currently traveling the world, until 10/10/2010, the first International Mother Centers Day.
  • Background Information on mine gives an overview of the activities and approaches of the international Mothers Centers and the Mothers Centers International Network: mine.
  • Spreading like Wildfire compiles the results of a 5-country study, commissioned by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, on the bottom-up world-wide dissemination of Mother Centers.
  • The mine Best Practice proposal is the text that was successfully submitted to receive UN accreditation as Best Practice and win the Dubai International Award for Best Practices for Improving the Living Environment.
  • International Response to a Historic Need gives an introduction to the Mother Center Movement. It is the speech given by Monika Jaeckel at an international conference in the context of the International Motherhood Movement in Toronto in October 2008.