Preface from Tim

On Monika’s Welcome page to this site, she says she would be very happy if this website inspires you in your own endeavours of making this world a better place to live in. Inspiration and motivations can come in many forms with it usually resulting from some form of collaboration, either direct interaction with an individual or indirect collaboration with materials written by an individual.

While Monika and I were sitting in the hospital one late morning in May 2009, we were having a very emotional talk about the things she had done in her life. What was most poignant for her was those things left undone and unfinished. She was grieving that the efforts and energy that had come before, that the activities she had done in the past 40+ years, would be lost to those individuals who would work towards helping make the world a better place. I resolved to do something about this: The site began.

Collaboration and interaction can be a mysterious thing. Sometimes, a single innocent activity can become a catalyst for amazing things. Sometimes even a smile, a word of kindness, or acknowledgement can result in significant change. When we read of someone’s efforts, their passions, and then consider these things within the context of our experiences and present activities, we find a different path that was previously unknown. We can learn from the experiences that have come before, to help us better understand where we are now with Life, and even sometimes, help us solve the challenges we are facing.

Monika has presented us with a wealth of experiential wisdom. You are invited to comment and dialogue about them; you are invited to contrast her experiences with your own, and perhaps find a solution for yourself or a new direction to take on your own personal path to making this world a better place.

Life is fleeting and no one knows when it is our time to leave this world. It can be a short or long time, but irregardless we have the time of Today. We must remember to trust in the greater mystery of Life: that we must respect and value ourselves and trust that our purpose, even when unknown to us, is still significant! Why is it still significant? Because we are here today! We must remember that when we do our best, it is then that significant things happen.

You are here today reading this article and this website. Take the time to add your thoughts or experiences. You have today, with tomorrow as unknown, so take that action NOW to move beyond the intangible thoughts you are thinking and write them. Add them to this site’s experiential thought stream and allow others to build on the combined thoughts and experiences.

Your comments and thoughts and experiences added to Monikas articles, may just be that catalyst that leads to that significant difference of our world being a better place. Changing the World: One step at a time!

Tim Rease
Amsterdam, July 2009