Songs For Marieke

Every year since we met, Monika has given me a song for my birthday. Monika allways had the idea that at some point they could be put together on a CD. This became more concrete when in August 2009 Danielle de Baat was here for ‘Monicare’. Monika and Danielle had both been part of the Flying Lesbians and enjoyed working together again on this project. Less then two month before she died, Monika went into the studio twice to record the songs. Her illnes put restrictions on the possibilities, for which Danielle has been compensating by doing an increadible job in adding the music and taking care of all technicalities – she has not had a free moment in months. The result is the CD below. By adding the two songs that Monika has not managed to record (because we did not remember the melody), Danielle has made it into more than lovesongs for me: it has also become a tribute to Monika herself. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Click here if you want to print out the pdf with the texts of the songs (it will open in another window)


01) My delight (2001)
02) Levelheaded Planning (2008)
03) My sweet Marieke (2007)
04) Adventures (2003)
05) All my travels lead to you (2006)
06) Welcome sweetheart to the 40ies (2004)
07) Anniversary Waltz
08) Darling darling (2002)
09) My life with you (2005)
10) Troubled Times (2009)

All Lyrics and music written by Monika Jaeckel except:
07: Loosely based on the famous Franklin Dubin composition

09: Music by Danielle de Baat

Monika Jaeckel is the lead singer on all songs except:
04: Danielle de Baat + background vocals on 2,6 and 8

09: Angèle van Hanswijk + background vocals on 2,6 and 8

All instruments, recording and the whole shebang by Danielle de Baat, except diatonic accordion on 3 and 7 by Angèle van Hanswijk