The Lipstick Story

Lipstick Lesbian

My friend Deborah from California likes to call me her “lipstick lesbian friend”. This dates back from when we met end of the seventies, when being active and out in the lesbian movement usually meant following unspoken yet strict appearance and dress codes. Wearing lipstick and high heels as I did, did not belong to them. Indeed I had been summoned to a “show down” once in the feminist/lesbian scene in Munich to legitimate why I wore lipstick and high heels, which turned into a highly political debate. What I noticed in those times, was that it was often very surprising and confusing for outsiders when they heard I was lesbian, because as they said “ I did not look it”. It forced them to look at their prejudices and stereotypes. “Everything you do seems to be an act of consciousness raising” , Deborah says, and indeed my innovator identification seems to go a long way.