Working Principles of M&M

M&M Coaching and Research in Social Innovation
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Working Principles of M&M

M&M approaches a task or project in the following ways:

* Get an authentic picture and understanding of given situations and issues. Assure that the authentic voices of those involved  be heard and listened to.
* Create enabling structures and opportunities for people to discover and contribute their own resources, talents and initiative for community building and participation.
* Access the hidden, blocked and unused skills and resources of communities and make them operational for development.
* Directly include grassroots groups in the creation and ownership of solutions in order to include their indispensable first hand knowledge of the issues at stake and in order to support sustainability of solutions by identification and ownership of those concerned.
* Create acknowledgement for non monetary sources of capital like time, care, presence, energy, aliveness, creativity, cultural richness and social networks.
* Create recognition and validation for informal skills and informal work.
* Create conditions for care work to be embedded in neighborhood networks, and care services to not be void of personal involvement and individual attention.
* Identify the costs of technological progress, economic growth and globalisation in qualitative terms and raise issues of qualitative poverty in the North.
* Recreate and reweave community beyond traditional family and kin networks.
* Balance economic and social development.
* Embrace diversity and strengthen democracy beyond representative electoral structures.
* Create conditions for cooperation and partnership between disparate and unconnected groups and stakeholders.
* Overcome institutional blindness to other actors and bridge the gap between grassroots and mainstream perspectives, frameworks, knowledge and cultures.
* Identify the win-win interfaces between various stakeholders.
* Bridge the gap between the private and public, the informal and formal.
* Support civic ownership of public space to counteract the trend of public space being taken over by formal institutions and market forces.
* Create and link up to horizontal (peer) and vertical (cross sectoral) learning networks
* Extract policy implications and lessons learned to generate political agendas and theoretical frameworks.
* Challenge business as usual to develop room for innovations.
* Develop pilot projects and model solutions.
* Create conditions for collective empowerment, self help, self organisation and self management.

M & M includes the following qualities and services in its approach:

1) Explore and analyse in close cooperation with the target group (interpretive listening)
2) Identify and define issues
3) Identify resources, potentials and solutions.
4) Develop innovative concepts and projects
5) Gather forces to implement solutions and inspire movements
6) Link grassroots perspectives to mainstream debates
7) Bridge different fields through cultural translation
8) Teaming and networking
9) Consulting and coaching of start ups
10) Extracting lessons and methodology
11) Evaluation of progress and quality control
12) Authentic documentation
13) Creating reflective space, trainings and innovative learning formats
14) Dissemination: Designing workshops, manuals, conferences
15) Presentations (lectures, articles, books)

The general process and qualities that M & M specializes in can be described as the following cycle:

Observe – Identify – Define – Recognize – Translate and Link  (to concepts, theories, as well as to partners & political agendas) –Create Innovations  – Explain  – Disseminate – Network .