7th Circular Letter, October 2009

Dear Friends,

Things have been happening at an enormously quickened pace in the last weeks – we are hardly keeping up. That is why we have not been able to respond to many of your individual mails in the past weeks and there still might be a delay of some time before we get around to “catching up”. Just so you know and understand.

I was in the VU hospital again (the Free University clinic in Amsterdam) for over a week, under the competent care of the oncology and pain teams. Since the weekend I am back home and Marieke, our Monicare team (which we now more rightfully are calling the M&Mcareteam), as well as my house-doctor, the community care service located just down the street and supportive neighbours and relatives, together are trying to find a new balance. Unfortunately I am dealing with high levels of pain again. At the moment I cannot use my left hand which makes me a more dependant patient than I have been before and puts the task of answering emails on Marieke, at least for the time being. With all the pain, emotional distress and cultural misunderstandings that have been coming in the package of this new situation, many wonderful things still continue to happen, even with huge levels of pain, pointing in the right direction, developing patience being actually one of them:

  • I was able to take part remotely via Skype directely at one session of my European Ridhwan retreat group – the marvels of new technology are truly endless.
  • My musician friend, Danielle de Baat, recorded sound tracks in her home studio of some of the favourite love songs I have written for Marieke, than packed her whole technical equipment and instruments with her on vacation (!) to Italy and then sent the finished recordings directly into my hospital room. Receiving the music, as you can imagine were highlights of my hospital days and nights and you will soon be able to listen to them all on the MonikaJaeckel.com website. (Anybody dealing with music recordings knows how much work goes into recording a “simple song” and that there is not much vacation left when you mix seven songs in the first days of your vacation.)
  • The Mother Center movement in Slovakia is preparing an exciting conference on Academies of Practical Parenthood for which they have “ordained” me with the honorary title “First Lady of the Mother Center Movement”, after the Slovak First Lady cancelled her commitment to open the Conference. It is a title which I cherish and feel truly honoured by. I was very happy to send in some opening remarks by video.
  • For today I’d like to sign off with a book tip: Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne, passed on to me by my Dutch Ridhwan teacher. (I was told it has been translated at least to Dutch) It gave me great support while I was in the hospital and continues to inspire me throughout this painful period.

I continue to hold you all in my heart and feel you holding me. Big hugs!