Invitation to join celibrating Monika’s life after death

Dear ones,

Most of you, but not even all of you, have heard that Monika Jaeckel has had cancer. This is over now; she has freed herself very peacefully of the discomforts of physical existence on Friday November 6th just after sunset, at a quarter past 6 in the afternoon.

She strongly believed in life after death and all signals indicate that indeed she is in a joyful beautiful dimension now. Also because most of you will not be attending the funeral, you are invited to support and celebrate her transition into the light in any of the following ways:

On Sunday and Monday please hold her in your thoughts, meditation or prayers, in a loving and joyful way. If you are near by, you can come by on the Lindengracht 95 to taste the atmosphere and say farewell.

This is possible till Monday the 9th 18.15 hours. At that time we will hold a ceremony: the three days are over and the body will be wrapped in silk and transferred to be put in a coffin. The space where she was at the time of death will be freed: the hospital bed that stood there will be taken apart so that the Ethiopian cross of the rug underneath is visible. This space will remain free for 40 days.

Now comes your part in this ceremony. At that moment, Monday November 9th 18.15,  her soul has permanently left here and is as much in your house as anywhere else, so that is where you can join the celebration too. You are invited to sit down on Monday at 18.15, light a candle, think of Monika in a joyful and happy way and bring out a toast to her. This toast can be with any drink you deem appropriate, but a glass of champagne (or sekt, cava, prosecco or another cheerful bubbly substance) would be a good idea, since that is what she liked so much herself. This way we are all part of it and Monika will get a sort of world wide hug from all of us toasting to her.

There is another way in which we can all join together and that is in passing on this message. Believe it or not, as organised and systematic as Monika was, she never spent a second on thinking about earthly practicalities after her death. And neither did I. We enjoyed life and I deemed it inappropriate to spent any time on seeing cemeteries or thinking about any funeral logistics. So now the time is short to get addresses together.

Please call your friends, colleagues and  others who knew Monika and pass on this message. Don’t assume they got it because they probably didn’t. If you get this two or three or six times, just push the delete button and accept my apologies for this lack of good organising. Use it as an excuse to get in touch with the others from your Mother Center, your group, your (former) work, especially those you have not seen in a while, and grow the circle of joy around Monika that way.

In her last letter Monika mentioned how dear the survival of mine is to her.

Consider saving money on travel or flowers and make a donation.

It would make her so happy if mine does not only get a moral boost from the upcoming conference, but also in a more profane concrete way:

tax deductible donations mentioning “Monika” and/or “mine” can be made to:

  • Geschäftsstelle mine e.V. • c/o EKiZ Ludwigstr. 41-43 • D-70176 Stuttgart • Germany •
  • Bank : Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen
  • IBAN : DE33 6115 0020 0007 4431 27
  • BIC : ESSL DE 66
  • from Germany:  Konto Nummer: 7443127 Bankleitzahl: 611 500 20

For those in the Netherlands, it may be easier to make donation to the Nest! Foundation, which also is also a tax deductible charity (with ANBI status). We will forward it on to mine

  • Stichting Nest!  Lindengracht 95, 1015KD Amsterdam, ING Bank 9699413
  • IBAN NL93 INGB 0009 6994 13

For those of you who do intend to come to the funeral: It will take place Tuesday the 10th of November at 13.00 hours in the western part of Amsterdam.  Unfortunately I can only tell you on Monday if the spot that “spoke to me” is available. So you will get another email at that point, about which of these two cemeteries the funeral will take place.:

  • Begraafplaats St.Barbara, Spaarndammerdijk 312,  1014 AA  Amsterdam, or
  • Begraafplaats Vredenhof , Haarlemmerweg 367, 1051 LH  msterdam

If you got this mail indirectly you can mail me putting “where is the funeral?” in the subject matter, or call Mieke van Kasbergen at (+31)651239345.

I admit this is a slightly unconventional way to go about this, so that is quite in M&M style.

The past year has been the most beautiful in my life. My relationship to Monika has deepened and intensified. Her illness and pain were difficult at times to witness and the logistics tough to handle, but we also experienced so much blessings; we had fun in the most difficult situation and enjoyed every day.

I am very grateful.

With Love,