Social Movements and Personal Chemistry

Social movements are collective efforts and bring collective results. They arise as spontaneous corrective historical responses “from the bottom up”.  I joined practically all the social movements of my time and was at the forefront of many of them. In a way this was a product and continuation of my missionary family upbringing. I have always been drawn to social innovation and to change, to creating a difference and making the world a better place. In this section you will find descriptions of some of the movements and social innovations I have been a part of.

What I would like to do on this personal website and in this personal introduction, is to take a look at what I see as some of my personal qualities and contributions that I have brought into these movements and innovations:

•    I have good listening and interviewing skills. I often grasp what people mean to say and can put it into words, in a way that they feel deeply understood.
•    I have good analytic and synthesising skills. I can look at situations and get to the bottom of things. I know how to find and ask the right questions and how to sum up the essence in clear words.
•    I am good at documenting events and processes and at pointing out and mirroring the inherent potentials.
•    I have a talent for putting complex and/or subtle issues into understandable and attractive language and concepts.  I have created many of the “slogans” of the Mother Center movement, the catchy phrases that portray the soul of what happens in Mother Centers and capture people’s attention, curiosity and imagination.
•    I write and speak well and can be very convincing.
•    I have the capacity to inspire others and to link them into the movement.
•    I can link and translate what happens on the grassroots level to mainstream thinking and debates.
•    I can think “out of the box” and outside of taboos and can confront conventional thinking and approaches.
•    I have perseverance, I keep trying.
•    I am principled and can stay true to intentions and values. I have a keen eye for when things get watered down, appropriated or distorted.
•    I can take responsibility and follow through with situations and projects.
•    I have a systematic approach to work and am a good organiser.
•    I like to think up new ideas and create innovations.
•    I know how to open institutional doors and opportunities for the excluded and like to create unlikely partnerships.
•    And my heart really beats for a world with more social bonding and togetherness.