Monika's Biography is published in October 2011

ISBN 978-3-89741-333-7 Biography can be ordered from www.ulrike-helmer-verlag.de

Welcome to the website of Monika Jaeckel. This site is maintained in honor and memory of her lifelong dedication and contributions to the empowerment of women/mothers throughout the world.

Monika passed on, at her home in Amsterdam, on Friday, November 6th, 2009, just after the sunset. You can find her last circular letters in the Personal section, along with a letter from her partner, Marieke. The site in maintained to respect Monika’s wishes and with the hope that other’s may also find the cause and inspiration to change the world, one step at a time — just as she did.

Tim Rease
Amsterdam, Nederland


In Japan, my country of birth, it is said that after 60 it is about giving away all that you have built up until now. This website was given to me as a present by my dear friend, Tim , for my 60th birthday, as an incentive to document and make available what I have built up in my life.  My soul sister Deborah from California has spent hours and hours helping to edit and fine tune it.

I have been actively involved in many of the social movements of my generation and have been a leading force and instrumental in develping concepts and instruments for social change and innovation. Under “Movements ” you will find first hand accounts of the student movement, the feminist/lesbian movement and the Mother Center movement as well as reflections on my personal contributions and on private and collective ownership in social movements. Under “Innovations ” you will find descriptions of the Grassroots Women’s International Academy (GWIA) and the Competence Audit.

In the section “Personal” you will find a short personal autobiography, decade by decade. Here you will also find samples of my music and links to photographs of highlights in my life, especially our 3-day long wedding in 2005 and my 60th birthday party, which we celebrated under the motto: “Living community.” This section also includes insights from my personal growth and spiritual development as well as documents of the intense communication and community support that has been unfolding since my cancer diagnosis in the fall of 2008.

In the section “Professional” you will find my professional development and achievements, as well as a description of “M&M –Coaching and Research in Social Innovation”, the company my partner and I founded to inspire social innovation in The Netherlands. This section also contains my CV, a list of my publications, as well as professional links.

You will find links to various essays and documents concerning the different topics in the thematic sections. Under “Downloads” you find all documents listed systematically with a one sentence description of each document. In this way this website comprises a selected library of documents from the different phases of my life.

I am very happy if this website inspires you in your own endeavours of making this world a better place to live in and if it can contribute to a truthful documentation of (personal) history.

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