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Preface from Tim are the opening words from Tim Rease, who gave this website to Monika as a gift for her 60th birthday.


When the “I” becomes a “We” is a reflection on personal and collective ownership in social movements.

Student Movement

  • 1 Mark for all was the slogan Monika  explained in her speech at Opel.
  • Alle zur Betriebsversammlung was the newspaper Monika’s group printed to mobilise the workers at Opel to go on strike. It didn’t succeed.

Feminist Movement

Mother Center Movement– Documents in English

1.  Overviews on the state of the international Mother Center Movement

  • Mothers Centers Around the World describes the spreading of the Mothers Centers Movement into over 20 countries world-wide.
  • This text sums up the role we played as researchers to initiate and sustain the Mother Center movement.
  • Introduction to the International MC Story is the introduction to the book that is currently traveling the world, until 10/10/2010, the first International Mother Centers Day.
  • Background Information on mine gives an overview of the activities and approaches of the international Mothers Centers and the Mothers Centers International Network:  mine.
  • Spreading like Wildfire compiles the results of a 5-country study, commissioned by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, on the bottom-up world-wide dissemination of Mother Centers.
  • The mine Best Practice proposal is the text that was successfully submitted to receive UN accreditation as Best Practice and win the Dubai International Award for Best Practices for Improving the Living Environment.
  • International Response to a Historic Need gives an introduction to the Mother Center Movement. It is the speech given by Monika Jaeckel at an international conference in the context of the  International Motherhood Movement in Toronto in October 2008.

2.  Results of first international MC conference with 20 countries in Bratislava

3.  Articles and Interviews

4. Limitations and Paradoxes of the Mother Center Movement

5.  Information on the MC Concept Points and how to start up a Mother Center

  • The Mother Center Start up Materials I and VI are a shorter and a longer version describing the steps involved in starting up Mother Centers.  Start-up Materials I contains concept points that describe the key approaches of the MC concept. Start-up Materials VI describes the steps involved in starting up Mother Centers.
  • The Report on the Mother Center Workshop in Nepal commissioned by Practical Action UK describes how the Mother Center concept is adapted in interactive exchange to the situation of women in Nepal.

6.  The Significance and Impact of MC for Specific Regions, Groups and Themes

7.  The Original Mother Center Book

8.  The Development of Mother Centers  to Intergenerational Houses

  • Partnerships for a New Millennium – the Stuttgart Model is a study commissioned by the Ford Foundation to describe the process of a successful partnership process between professional urban planners and grassroots groups that created the Inter-generational Mother Center in Stuttgart West.

9.  Mother Center International Network:  mine


10.  Mother Centers in Germany

  • All About Us” is a summary of the German Mothers Center Movement.
  • The article “Mother Centers in Germany”  describes the beginnings of the Mother Center movement in Germany. It was written for the international UN Conference on Women 1995 in Beijing, which a delegation of 20 Mother Center women from Germany attended.

Mother Center Movement –Documents  in German

11.  Overviews on the Mother Center Movement and its Impact on Society

12.  Overviews on the Mother Center Concept and Development

  • MZ Projektbeschreibung describes the development of the MC research project at the German Youth Institute.
  • MZ auf einen Blick sums up what Mother Centers  are all about–in 2 pages.
  • MZ Fakten is a fact sheet on German Mother Centers.
  • MZ Konzept describes the original MC concept as developed in the research project of the German Youth Institute.
  • Schlüsselelemente beim Aufbau von MZ describes key points of how to build up a MC.
  • Habitat an die Basis is a text written for the United Nations Center for Human Settlements Sustainable Cities Sourcebook on Gender Sensitive Environmental Policies

13.  The Mother Center experience with Local to Local dialogs as a Governance Strategy

  • Von und mit Familien lernen – Internationaler Local to Local Dialog in Stuttgart is a text describing the local to local methodology as introduced to the Mother Center movement and moderated by the grassroots group Womanspirit in St. Louis.

14.  The Mother Center experience with Savings and Credit groups

  • Hot Money is a study carried through for the German Federal Department for Family Policy on the effects of Savings and Credit groups on single parenting welfare mothers. The method was introduced to the Mother Center movement by grassroots women’s groups from India .

15.  The experience of Mother Centers in Bosnia

16.  Mother Centers and the Role of Research

  • Soziale Innovationen durch Forschung describes the process of activating research, how social movements can be jump started through research.
  • MZ Befragung is a report of a study on the development of the German MC by the German Youth Institute in 1988.


The section Innovation consists of two parts:

1.  Grassroots Women’s International Academy (GWIA)

2.  Competence Audit